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Originally Posted by charlescmcclendon View Post
Glenn, I am the owner of this now infamous ’57 and I want to thank you for your post. I was made aware of all of these posts a couple of days ago and thus far have resisted any attempt to respond. I thought you might like to hear the story behind the RideTech article as you are absolutely correct I was not touting my car. I originally emailed the marketing guy at RideTech, along with 24 other potential sponsors to request donations for my car clubs’ annual car show which we do every year and which is done 100% for charity. At the end of my email I added a PS and said I was big fan and customer of RideTech. I mentioned the suspension package I had purchased and included a couple of pictures of my car and undercarriage. I know these marketing guys get bombarded with requests for car show donations from all over the country so I added the PS just to get him to actually read the email and hopefully consider a donation because I was a fan and a customer. I was pleasantly surprised when he replied and said he was thinking about doing an article on it and requested more photos and information about the build. He asked me a bunch of questions and then HE wrote the article to promote RideTech which is his job. He was also VERY generous with his donation and sent a huge 40 pound box of stuff for our goody bags. In addition he was nice enough to add links at the end of the article to direct traffic to our car show and to the charity we sponsor. So it was never about publicity for my car and I never thought they would actually do a feature on it. It was always about obtaining a donation. I guess the whole thing reminds me of the old adage “No good deed goes unpunished”! Anyway thank you again for your post Glenn it was a breath of fresh air and it was much appreciated. Would love to hear the story sometime about how you got your car back after 30 years. Sounds like a great story with an even better ending.

Charle's I am thrilled that you came on here to set the record straight. While there were a lot of positive comments made, there was just as many if not more negativity. I have had a few cars featured in national magazine's and know first hand how a writer can fluff up a story. They did my last feature so much it sounded as if my car should compete for the Great 8 and Ridler, meanwhile it's just a street car.

In the end right is right and wrong is wrong. If people on here have a problem with me for calling them out on it then so be it. Life is not a popularity contest anyway. BTW, I clicked the link to your Instagram and followed you. I look forward to seeing you post more of this car and that gorgeous Chevelle.
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