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Originally Posted by Unkie View Post
Only up to 80, just getting out of second gear, huh?
Sounds like creeping up on the timing issue paid off
on the trip to the car show, sounds like fun, I'm betting there will be a lot of interested people looking at your beast.
Hope all goes well for you on the car show trip, anxious to hear all about it, maybe see some pics, wink , wink, nod, nod, know what I mean?

Thanks Jim. Still listening for any strange sounds while driving. The exhaust is so look I canít hear much of anything besides cam chop. Cam lope doesnít clear up until about 2,600-2,800 rpm. Sounds killer rolling along at 60 mph in 4th gear and the cam is still cutting up. I love it. We will enter the car show with the GoPro recording and post it after.
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