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I don't buy here but for a totally different reason than most. As I am Canadian, I have hired a company that offers to receive US deliveries on my behalf. The item gets shipped to them, they hold it until I make the 45 minute trip to their shop and pay the flat rate fee to retrieve my parcel. I then declare the item at Customs when returning to Canada, pay the associated taxes and duties and take my parcel home.

The problem with Eckler's is that since the item is shipped to NY state, they insist on charging me NY state taxes. I have tried all manner of courtesy and diplomacy to make them see that my billing address is in Canada and that I have no reason to be paying NY state tax - I am neither a resident of NY or the US. Every other distributor I deal with (and there are a few) have no problem in applying common sense to my situation and not charge me US taxes. Ecklers's is content with an explanation that their system does it 'automatically" and somehow can't be changed. Fair enough, I'll deal with the companies who can. With a 37% exchange on the dollar, I just can't afford to pay taxes twice.

I think "hate" might be too strong a word to use in regards to my feelings towards Eckler's - indifference would likely be more descriptive. I just spend my weak dollar elsewhere.
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