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Originally Posted by Dualfours View Post
Well, first off want to say thanks to all who advised that trying to paint the headers while installed is a waste of time. Want to also mention my question of doing such was NOT relative to "laziness" as mentioned. Lower back issues for many years prevent me from doing a lot things that years ago came as second nature. Now when my back flares up on occasion I can barely stand upright let alone bend over a fender or crawl underneath a car chassis.

Currently on the recovery from a back flare up so at the moment with my back and the car in paint/body process the whole question is on an academic status for some time. When I get the car home and back in my garage then will be the time to remove the headers, bead blast and re-paint. White for sure as they were when I installed them. Just says "old school" to me which is what i am.
Good Luck my friend, if you lived near by I'd say come on over and we'd take care of that,...we're here to help one another.
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