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210 & 150
I purchased the 210 from the original owner in July '76 in Peabody Kansas with 52,000 miles, it now has 61,000
I have done nothing to the car in 33 years accept clean it. The engine has been out for cleaning but I decided not to paint anything and kept it completely unrestored.
It does have a few nicks and dings, the front bench should be redone. It would be a great car to restore but they are only original once. At some point it should be restored to preserve it.

The 150 I purchased in Toledo Ohio in 1990. it turned 40,000 miles on the way home. It has about 43,000 now.
The car has been poorly painted from the beltline{?} down including the trunk lid. The paint on the roof and hood is very thin.
I think it's time to spend some money on this car as "it" and "I" are not getting any younger.