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210 2dr. sedan
Have known this car since I was in 8th grade (1980), had spent most of its time on ramps, as the previous owner used to street race it around my hometown of Reading, Ohio. I bought it in 8/88, very rough, did some mechanical work on it to make it driveable, drove it daily for about nine years before deciding to try to restore it.

It was born in Janesville WI, originally a six/3spd, Surf green w/two tone green interior. Original plans to restore it completely stock were scrapped when a co-worker convinced me that 235s just don't make much power, so I decided to go through the '66 283 that was in it when I bought it. I rebuilt it with the factory 10.5:1 pistons, Comp XE268H cam, ported World S/R Torquer 305 heads, 2 1/2" ram horn ex manifolds, Flowmaster 70 series mufflers, 1.5:1 roller rockers and an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake with 600 carb. Runs remarkably stong for a 283! Trans is a Tremec 3550 5spd; rear end-stock 3:55.

Work on it has been slow, my work schedule doesn't allow much daylight to work on it, though I do what I can whenever possible. The Chassis has been completely restored but still need to finish body work.
Over the past two summers I've put about 3,000 miles on it. Looking forward to having it ready for paint sometime this summer of '12.



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Tim - Thanks again for the post on my frame question. I would stick with the Surf Green on the car. It is a nice nuteral color that is easy to take care of & back in the day, the serious race cars tended to stay whatever color that they were from the factory. And in my opinion, nothing says "serious racer" much more than the early, non straight axle look. We used to get that look with the old twist in coil spring spacers. Of course in those days it was about weight transfer. The look that it created was just a by-product of that. Thanks again - Mike