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2 Door Sedan
Bought my '55 years ago in the mid '70's for $400....The guy threw in a Turbo 400 and a 396 engine....Built up a little 327 for it and ran the factory 3 speed behind it....Kept it that way for several years, until I decided to put the 327 in my daughter's '69 Camaro in the early '90's....BIG MISTAKE! The car has set in the garage, since then...So far, I have upgraded it with front disc brakes, and a CPP 500 steering box...Plan on a shock bar, front stabilizer, and new rear springs amoung other things.


Bought my '57 in April of 2009...My wife saw it on ebay and it seemed like a reasonable price....So, we headed for Ashville, NC in her Honda to take a look at it....The car was very original except for the paint job and the addition of front disc brakes....I especially liked the originality of the interior, lack of rust issues, an unmolested wiring...It was a survivor....After a good inspection and a short drive, the owner and I struck up a deal....Had him get the front end aligned and I drove it back to Jacksonville, FL....Over 400 miles w/o difficulties on its maiden voyage....Drove the car to Tampa, met up with some fellow TriFivers and joined them at the Strawberry Festival Car Show....I currently have the old 283 engine out and the car completely dissasembled from the firewall forward....Have a 350 roller motor built up to go back in.....As well as a CPP 500 steering box and TH-700R4.