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Service Vehicle
1955 Chev. ambulance mfg'd at National Body Works in Knightstown Indiana. Called to service at Chesterfield Indiana Fire Dept. Been in our family since the early 70's.

1955 Chevy Bel Air 2drht, bought when I was 16. Just pulled it out of the barn. Has been parked since 1989. Starting body off restore. Has about 90k miles on it. Just pulled the original 6 and PG trans. First time it has ever been out of the car! Installing 454/400TH this fall. Goal is to have it on the road in the spring 2011. Been a long time comin!!!

2000 Corvette, 40k miles. It's fun but not a 55!!! Sorry vette fans!

Polarus RZR - strickly for gettin dirt in your face!

2007 VTX 1300C - strictly for gettin wind in your hair, well. Not much hair left, bugs in your teeth!!! LOL