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Belair Sport Coupe
This is the way I bought my '55 in 2000. It was sitting in a garage since 1980 a few miles for my home. Someone tried to start on it but never finished. I stripped it. Bagged and tagged everything. Finally sent it to the 1st paint shop he had it 2 yrs and all I got back was a car in primer. It sat in a heated garage for another year and a half. Thinking I'm never going to get this car painted I found a paint shop willing to work with me and my budget and within 3 weeks he called and said it was ready to pick it up. Didn't know if I should cry or be But after 6 yrs since I bought her here she is on the trailer ready to be brought back to life. I'll keep you posted. Sorry about the quailty of pics.

Well heres an update. Its been awhile since I posted and its taken a little longer than I thought but getting there.

new interior
new tail lights
new chrome
restored inner fenders
dash done