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Delray 2 door sedan
I just bought my 55' Delray sedan "Barn find" It is all original! It has been in a barn since 1973!! The body is in awesome shape!! It has the original 235 6 cyl and 3 speed stick on the column. I'm getting ready to put in a fresh 383 and a richmond 5 speed. My plan is to get the motor and trans in before it gets nice out and drive it that way for the summer then maybe next winter I will mini tub it and put in a 9 inch rear. I want to do a little at a time so I can keep driving it. I don't want to tear it all apart!! I had 4 55's like that allready I don't want that again!! I'm going to let the body alone for a while because I don't want to spend all that time and money right now and plus it looks really cool the way it is.


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