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210 Sedan
big block chevy 468 cu. in. single carb,tremec TKO 5 speed,ford 9" rearend 59 1/2" lenght 4:10 gears.2" dropped spindles w/front spring mods,4 wheel disc brake. American Racing front wheels 15X6 205/70R15,rear wheels 15X8 w/4 1/2" back space on 275/60R15 stock rear suspension,stock was faded when i got it,so i wet sanded it rubbed through,ended up pulling the moldings,bumpers,ect.blocked it down and painted it myself at our truck shop came out pretty good everyone thinks i painted it in a booth.tried to keep the stock look with all emblems,put belair molding on side needed to brake the red up a little. the interior i tried to leave some what stock other than bucket seats and a few billet pieces,but with some modern updates. love driving the car,runs strong but can still drive it anywhere, still working out a few minor issues,but each year try to update and make the car better than the year before,what ever the budget allows. this winter plans include pulling the engine to detail engine compartment better, just dropped it when i first got the car to get it running, i said next year i'll pull it back out,8 years later it still in there and maybe new headers and 600 delphi box and tubular a-arms.



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Lol, great line to a great movie, Thx for the input, one day maybe my 55 will look as good as yours, but I dont think I've got that much time, really nice

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awesome car ! you would happen to have any motor pics would you? I just got a 55 ,that has a 605 box and only 1 1/4" between the heads and the steering box. I dont have a clue how Im going to get a pair of bbc headers in there. thanks for any help. [email protected]