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210 2dr sedan
My 56-210 2 Door Sedan was purchased for me by my wife as a birthday present in October of 2000, she paid $1100.00 dollars for the 56. I have to admit she did pretty good about not letting me know about the purchase and even though i had showed her the car and would go by and tell her about it, she would ask me things like what do you think it is worth ETC... which helped her out in the purchase and of course she knew the person who owned it. I do not know exactly why, but i have always had a passion for the 567 Chevy's since i was a young kid, maybe it was due to the time (era) i grew up in and at the time playing with hot wheels which featured a lot of cool 567 hot wheel cars, oh how i wish i had them all back now:) and a lot of people in the small town i grew up in had 567 trifives so that could be some possible influences for my love for these cars. I am doing a ground up custom/modified 56 which is my first ground up build i have ever done, Starting out after the car arrived at my home i really was not able to any real high dollar work to the car, but i did not let that stop me from going out to swap meets, e-bay, and hunting down parts locally that i new one day that i would need and picking them up a little at a time or trading other parts i had laying around in order to get parts i would need, this also kept me involved with the 56 project because the smallest thing would be huge for me and make the project worth my wait for bigger and better things to come, Which brings up my biggest upgrade so far and that is the Corvette C4 conversion that Laszlo A.K.A Chevynut did for me, even though i did not do the conversion Laszlo let me be involved. I went out and purchased a 1996 front suspension that only had 15,000 miles on it for $500.00, and i picked up a Dana 44 rear-end from Laszlo which was also adapted to the seamless frame i brought to him, I must admit i had this done about a year ago and i still go out and look at the suspension and get that little kid grin on my face. My next item will be the Engine/Transmission 540 or 572 BBC with a TKO 600 5 speed. I want to add a little note for others facing the small budget with any project, do not let the frustration of a small budget stop you from your build and do not let others tell you will never get it done even if it is a ground up like i am trying to accomplish, Little things done will turn into bigger things down the road, when i started my project i had no air tools or compressor and i tore down my 56 to a bare shell using hand tools only and that included the removal of the old chassis. Stay tuned everyone one day i will have more to add, for now it is just the hobby of enjoying the American Classic Car.



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great start on your project, i wish mine looked so good.

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hey marty keep at it im in the same boat joe

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what a great story marty! sounds like the wifes a keeper.