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210 4Dr Wgn
I saw this car and for some unknown reason liked its lines and decided to buy her. She needs a lot of work. New one piece floor waiting to go in. For starters I'm planning on getting her drivable and then work out a plan of attack. Unfortunately I live in Thailand for work and family but my car is in Perth Australia so I don't get much time to work on her. Hopefully I can find a way to import her into Thailand and get some use out of her. It's not impossible, I found a 67 Camaro a few weeks ago and when I offered the owner a 1000 bucks he laughed and said it had already sold for just over 10000. I was very surprised because it was worse than my 56. If I can get around the 328% import duty she on a boat to Thailand. Until then I will have to make do with a long distance love affair



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