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General Information

27 factory options including factory air conditioning. It now has a 383 stroker and turbo 350 trans. Taking it on the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. AFter that I am putting the 265 and powerglide back in.

1956 Chevy Suburban. X-military vehicle. Was on duty at Fort Riley Kansas from August 1956 till September 1972. Sold at auction to a volunteer fire department in Dorrance Kansas where it was used to fight fires until I bought it in 1995. Restored it back to US Army Signal Corp Communications Vehicle.

My other toys...

My 1969 Zeitler Formula VEE Race car. It took 2 years to build.

The 1973 RS Type LT Camaro. Owned for 20 years. Now handed down to my son but it lives at my house.

My next project. My Dad bought a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz back in 1974. It went in storage and did not come out until 2011, almost 40 years. My Dad passed away last year and he left it to me to restore for my Mom. She wants to ride in it in a parade before she is gone. A LOT of pressure!



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