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Handyman 210 Wagon 2 Door
Ive been fooling around with hot rods most of my life. I got the fever from my dad and have never gotten rid of it, though at times I just couldn't afford to keep the cars I had. I`ve let some real nice ones go, so I`m gonna try and hang on to this one for a while.

I make my living building Custom Trikes. It a combination of two of my favorite things- Motorcycles & Hot Rods. My website is

Randy Johnston
Dothan, Alabama



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I've Never seen a '56 2dr wagon before. Sweet Ride!!!

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Randy: Very nice 56" - what can you tell me about the wheels. I have a 56" 210 that I bought off the web several years ago. It appears to have the very same wheels, 17" diameter x 8" wide. The company I work for makes some parts for Unique Performance, the people that build the "Ellenor" 67" Mustangs and we have a poster of one of their cars with the same wheels in our office. I called them and was told that the wheels were made by Edlebrock, don't know if that's true ?