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Showcase cover image for 57 Bel Air LS7's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 dr hardtop

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Bel Air 2 dr hardtop
My 57 hardtop was originally from the Arlington, Texas area and had been in storage there since 1980. I bought it in November, 2005 to join my 57 convertible, 55 210 sedan and VW bug (with ZZ4, 700R4, 9" F*rd rear).

The goal for the hardtop is have enough performance and handling to match many current production sports cars while providing a safe and comfortable ride but still look like a classic.

First came an Art Morrison GT Sport chassis to provide the ride and handling I wanted. I then installed a 2009 LS7 crate engine rated at 505 hp and a T56 transmission to get the level of performance I wanted. Combined with the 9" F*rd rear with 3.89 ratio, it is geared for 70 mph @ 1770 rpm.

The body was about 95% rust free. It has been dipped to remove all paint, hidden rust, body putty, rubber, etc. and then e-coated. It is now mechanically complete and is currently at the upholstery shop.



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Hi there, I'm doing a project 1957 Belair convirtable and i'm putting an LS7 engine just want to get your racommendation on the transmission. Which one you think it will work better with LS7 engine. I want an Automatic transmission. Thank you

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That is going to be such a nice car!!! I wish one day for mine to look like that...