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Chevy, of course
Bel Air Wagon, 2 door
A very nice '57 chevy that I was able to purchase on Ebay while serving in Iraq. It origanaly came from the East coast and was last in Indiana when I purchased it. Now it is parked in MN while it waits its turn. LOL I have a few projects, who doesn't. It is very rust free, and is very solid. I'm very impressed, didn't really know what to expect, but i know what it looked like at least. It has the origanal interior, floors, glass, engine, and trans...I can't wait to add some spunk to the power house. I want to add the new Comp Cam Thumpr cam to give it a rumble sound, then bore it over some 30-60 thousandths...then chrome it all out, and add all new suspention parts, and also powder coat the frame. then a routisory resto from there...lots to do until then.

i also have a '46 ford couple deluxe, and a '51 GMC truck that is almost complete, when those are complete, then the longroof gets her turn.



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Nice project. Thanks for your service!!!!!!