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Bel Air
I purchased my 57 from a man in Sacramento, California. As with most of us, he had plans to one day restore the car and enjoy driving and showing it following his retirement. The 57 had been in "storage" for 15 years and for whatever reason, the owner decided to sell.

After purchasing the 57, I took it to American Stripping in Sacramento. The car was completely stripped, epoxy primmered, and brought back home. The frame was removed and taken to Paul Newman's Car Creations for modification, and the body was taken to Bob's Creative Cars in West Sacramento for paint.

After getting the frame back, I installed the suspension from a 1994 Corvette, front and rear. A 2002 Corvette Z-06 engine and 4L60E transmission were also installed.

Once the body was painted, it was installed on the chassis and work was started on the the "small" items required with a restoration.

I'm getting close to installing the wiring and getting it running.

June - 2011

I'm finally on the road after all those years. After driving around my local area, I'm planning to drive to Reno, NV in August for their annual Hot August Nights event. I've attended that show for over 20 years, so it'll be fun to take the 57.

October - 2011

Hot August Nights was awesome! The car ran beautifully, and I couldn't be more pleased with its performance. I'm just enjoying cruising around Arkansas these days.



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I really dig the two 'overflow' bottle set up. NICE!

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Really nice '57!