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150 4dr Utility Sedan
Some may wonder who 57Chelsea is. I'm BUDDii and the car's name is 57Chelsea. In honor of my daughter who has wanted a 57 Chevy since she was a little girl. Her grandpa, my dad, built her a custom 57 Chevy bed. Yes, it is pink. Her walls and desk are filled with 57 Chevy items......

If you haven't figured it out by now, Chelsea is my daughter. The car was a project for us to work on.....

So, what is the status of BUDDii, Chelsea and 57 Chelsea? 57Chelsea has been storing outdoor Christmas items in our garage for the last few years. Note, 57Chelsea is not alone. My 2nd owner 68 Charger is keeping her company. The 68 has been in hibernation for 15 years, I haven't driven it in over 14 years. That is another story and another forum to talk about.

So, the 57Chelsea project has begun. What we are trying to do is find out how to put it back to original condition. The condition will be super nice weekend driver, but the "HOW" is the question. The cowl tag is not normal and the options on this car don't seem to line up. I have a "Chit Chat" question on the Tri-Five forum to see if we can get some help on figuring out what the trim code "2226XC B" means. Plus, there is no paint code. There is "No Back Seat" and the wheel humps have vinyl on them.
I do know that 57Chelsea was built at the Kansas City, MO plant in Sep 57; almost 30 years to the month before Chelsea was born.

Wish us luck...we will keep updating as we find out more info...



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I'm guessing at best, but I wonder if your 57 was built for the military. The paint code may be omitted due the car getting olive drab or Navy Blue etc.???