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belair 2 door post
This is my 1957 Bel air that I have owned since 1996. It was a drag car that I drag raced for many yrs then the wife and kids came along. When I purchased the car it had a 12 bolt rear end that I found out later it was bent forward from all the drag racing. I had Bob at Bobs race car chassis put in a narrowed 9" ford with 35 splined axles and strange 410 gear set up and mini tubbed it with factor wheel well in the back so it still looks stock. It had somewhat of a roll cage but I had it fully built with bay bars and had it licensed with NHRA. The motor was a John Lingenfelter 496 CI that built 639 Hp on pump gas and I added a nitrous fogger system, it was a wheel puller for sure...... Fast forward to 2012 and the car had been sitting in the garage and somehow one day when I drove it around the neighborhood a roller lifter seized and hammered the solid roller cam lobe flat. So my friend Jack helped me pull the engine and I sent it to a local builder and had a Comp Cam hydraulic roller mega mutha thumper cam kit installed. While the engine was being freshend up I sent the car back to Bobs for the firewall replacement. While it was at his shop It got out of hand. He would say, "you might as well replace that also". So now he cut the rollcage bay bars out of the engine compartment that I had him install some yrs ago and add power steering, vintage AC and everything else is new under hood. The only thing I didn't change is the turbo 400 tranny that I might change to a 4l80E one day.



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