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2Dr Bel Air HT
I've had a fascination with the body lines of 57 Chevy's for a long time. A good friend I call my second dad, introduced me to his 57 Bel Air HT some 15 years ago. Although he kept it in another state and I was his "gopher" working on his collection of Vette's as a kid (I'm equally fascinated by Vette's too, having a lil road racing/auto crossing background with them), I still kept coming back to the 57 and enjoyed cruizing in it when I visited them after they moved out where their 57 was located when he retired. So, when I got an itch to have a project car again, having had various Chevy's, but not in the last 10 years, the choice was easy for me. Not just any 57 Chevy, but a 2 Dr Bel Air HT. After searching on and off for about 1.5 years, I finally found a great driver that was in the right price range and complete with little rust. I was originally going to go with a 383 stroker package with aluminum heads, hydraulic roller cam, and a T350, but I kept coming back to the notion of going all out for an LS2/Tremec T56 drivetrain. So, with that being said, I've since scrapped the 383 direction and obtained an 05 GTO LS2/T56 package to install with low miles. Boy, talk about changing to an exponentially growing option in $ and degree of difficulty! If all turns out (it's in the build process at an "unaccelerated pace"), I'll have a fairly nice performance vehicle that'll have enough economy to it to pass a few gas stations! Guess I should also say that while I'm keeping the exterior stock in body and trim (can't beat the stainless lines!), it'll have 2" dropped spindles, tubular A-arms, powered rack-n-pinion steering, headers/dual exhaust, sway bars, 4-link rear suspension, a Detroit Locker'd 9" diff, powered disc brakes all 4 corners, and adjustable billet coil overs all around. Not building a show car, but what I call "a 20' car". Wanted something drivable, yet thumpable that I can show some tail lights from a distance once in a while! Not sure but this might make it somewhat of a Pro Touring ride?


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