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Belaire 2dr ht
Started the end of December 2013 and should be done Jan 2014.

So far no surprises. A fairly rust free car. I must amend this statement to rust free. The light colored bondo is just skim coating.

1-23-14, -17 degrees this morning. Sanding old paint is almost done and he started sandblasting jams and trunk, etc.

1-31-14 He will start priming today, jams and finish blasting doors and trunk.

2-2-14 Hood and trunk(removed the crappy trunk liner) removed to start doing the jams.

2-5-14 Trunk is painted and cleared. Body jams are painted and cleared. Door jams are painted and cleared. It's starting to look GOOD. Note the vin tag is not painted as per my request.

2-7-14 Doors remounted and exterior of doors primed.

2-10-14 Passenger side almost done finish sanding. Emblem holes filled
in the trunk and v and emblem holes filled the hood. I have most of the stainless and chrome cleaned up with Mothers polish.

2-12-14 Passenger side, trunk and roof are sanded and ready for paint. Drivers side will be done hopefully tomorrow and next coat of primer will go on.

2-13-14 Final update until its painted Viper red. He has a few spots to clean up and then start applying the paint.

2-17-14 First coat of red base has been applied. He is having furnace
issues so he can't clear it until he has some good heat.

2-20-14 Its been cleared but the light for the photos is not very good. I got there just as he was leaving for the day. He found a couple small dents he wants to take out and then leave it dry for a few days before he color sands the finish. Its looking real good!

3-3-2014 He had to respray some of the car because of flaws in the paint however its now done and outside for natural light. WOW!!!!!!

3-8-14 A few more flaws show up as he wet sands it.

3-13-14 The windshield and back glass are installed and stainless trim is starting to be installed.

3-18-14 Most trim is on. Just waiting for a delivery of trim clips from CARSINC. Should be in my garage by this weekend.

3-25-2014 Its back home in it's own garage. Now I need to reinstall everything I took off before the paint job. Looks nice and i don't have to stop 3 times per week at the body shop to take pictures.

5-30-14 I took the car in for him to finish color sanding and buffing. Its now finished and looks GREAT!



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