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Bel-air 2DR HT
Future hot rod. I bought my Chevy in July of 2006 and tried like crazy to get her running. The plan has been to do just enough to drive and have a little fun. Someday (after I buy a house) I plan to completely rebuild the car from the ground up. I have found out thus far though that one must do a lot of work to get an old car to run. Originally the car came with a 283, PG, PB, PS. Since then, I had to junk the motor (replaced with a 355), remove the PG (replaced with a TH350), fix the brakes (EVERYTHING new (sucks cause it's all the stock stuff and I should have just put discs on)), worked on the PS (new saginaw pump, lines, and I need to rebuild the control valve). But's is been a huge learning process. I've removed the original motor (3) times and put a new one in. Welded in new motor mounts and transmission cross member. Put new wheels and tires. Replace a lot of electrical (still have tons of problems). Replaced all the lights, added 3-point seatbelts, added gauges, and put in a floor shifter. All in all, too much work that will all eventually get replaced in the final build. I plan on smoothing the entire care. Make both bumpers one piece (including the bumper guards), 383 motor with a 6 speed manual. Full air ride suspension system, leather interior, and a custom 56 Chevy dash with the 57 Chevy heater controls. Of course all the other options will be added with air, power windows, seats, sound system, etc. So now you can see why I believe it is going to take me the better part of the next 20 years to finish her. Good thing I'm only 27!

Man do I love the 57 Chevy!!!!



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Man after my own heart, only way to learn is dive right in.

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Luv the flat black! Tough lookin'!