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Chev 210
4 door sedan
Well she is a factory right hook in ned of some TLC, will know soon more about its origin, will be doing a frame off rebuild, not looking to restore to concourse either and I apologise in advance to the purists it may not be a true historic restoration.

Aim is to build a clean streeter, nothing flash, probably verging on the side of rat rod basics, flat or satin balck finish , no chrome trim on sides, 12 bolt ( if I can find one), muncie M22 ( got one of these) and mouse ( 327 most likely).
Indivudal buckets for front basic floor carpet and trim, disc brake front end conversion and daisies on front and rear.

It is suffering from cancer but the operation shouldnt be too big and the prognosis is good.
I'll limit photos to before during and after, there will be more detaisled photos inthe build log look for right hand hook 55 4 door thread


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