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150 Handyman 2dr wagon
This is my 55' wagon. This is an older picture when it still had the 55' pontiac side chrome on it. I removed it shortly after I bought it as I hated how it looked (I am looking to install 210 style quarter chrome spear and wing). The car is an original V8 std tranny car that currently has a 350 4 speed combo. It has a Chevelle 12 bolt rear end installed with the brackets removed and spring perches welded on. The car was originally built up in the late 70's early 80's and it still looks like it. Diamond tuft interior (aarrrg). It is a driver now but I do not really enjoy driving it with manual steering and manual drum brakes. As I am still on a limited budget these days I am planning on rebuilding the chassis (complete front rebuild with power steering and disk brakes 2" drop spindles)and cleaning up the interior a little as well as a rewire. I am just going to do a bit of minor body work and then Satin Black it with Flames. Then if I can scrape up the money I will add a tremac 5sp and then drive the crap out of it. It will surely be fun.



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