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210 sedan, 4 door
I bought it a couple years ago but never got to work on it cus I had to move and left it at my fathers now I have the car back in my hands and I am ready to get to work. It has a very sturdy frame and is in alright condition except for all the rust before I bought it the owner had it in a barn 20feet from the ocean so there is a huge rust problem with the body. I might take the body off and restore it like that or I might leave it on the body and cut out as much as I can and weld in new metal. I am doing this on a budget but I also have a lot of hook ups, for example i am getting a free 350 engine and half off a paint job also 25% off air ride suspension. The ourney will be great I look forward to posting a lot of questions on the forum. Thanks to all.


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