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Showcase cover image for Bert Pod's .... Ford & GMC Mustang Syclone

General Information

Ford & GMC
Mustang Syclone
94 Mustang GT: (The Replacement)
331 Stroker, 10 PSI D1SC ProCharger, 42lbs Injectors,
90mm Fox TB, 3.5" ProFlow MAFS, TR1045 InterCooler,
3.55s, AOD with 4R70W Gear Set, Z-303/.552 Lift Cam.

17" Saleens with Michelin Pilot Sport (Viper) Tires
17x9s with 275/40/17s and 17x10s with 335/35/17s
Greg Welds 15x3.5 M/T 24x5.5s and 15x10 M/T 325/50/15s

91 Syclone (#2414)
.30 Over, Fully Forged, GT35 Turbo, 60lbs Injectors,
Kenne Bell A2A InterCooler, 4L60E, 3.42s, Ported 99
Vortec Heads, LS1 Springs, Comp 412/.500 Lift Cam.

Chrome C6 Z06s with Nitto Invo Tires
18x8.5s with 245s and 19x12s with 325/30/19s
Rare Chrome Stockers with 255/50/16 Toyo R888s



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