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belair 2 door sedan
I have always wanted a 57 chevy, I remember putting a 1:12 scale black 57 belair model on Layaway at Kmart when I was 8, I wanted it so bad. I still have the model, and I was searching the web one day and ran across this car. I HAD TO HAVE IT. Drove 600 miles bought it and drove it home!
My wife gave this car the nickname "The Other Wife"
It has a 391 Stroker, pushing about 500 hp, has 4 wheel disc brakes 400 trans, 9" ford rear end, recently added power steering, and new Vintage A/C. Its a cruiser with and little attitude!

My family is into classic cars as we have 69 chevy truck, 65 chevy truck (being restored), 59 corvette, and a 66 mustang GT Conv. (I know its a ford but it was my grandfathers baby!)



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