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Bel Air
two door hardtop
At the age of fifteen I purchased my first car with the income from working on the family farm. It was a 1957 Bel Air two-door hardtop with a 283 but it started showing rust so it was sold. Then came the 1970 Charger R/T but that is another story.
Then at age of twenty-one I purchased this car in 1974 and played until 1980. It has always been inside since I have owned it and the body is in excellent condition.
This is what it looked like when I parked it in 1980 with the 427 and 2x4 tunnel ram. Homemade ladder bars, five inch raised spindles and leaf springs on top of axles for the "high boy" look.
The dis assembly started in 2005 with the frame, suspension, engine and drive line were completed first and then the body came off the rotisserie August 2008.

The 427 now has a 177 Weiand blower with a Tremec six speed and a 410 twelve bolt.
The fun stuff is wiring all the electric components. Such as: exhaust cutouts, Raingear wipers, power windows, door locks, six way seats & air condition.
Also fabricating the power disc brakes, hood scoop, power steering, power antenna, vanity mirrors and HomeLink in the sun visor.
The fourth picture is with C5 mirrors, modified hood with LED lights and scoop for the blower. 245x45x17 on front and 295x45x18 in the rear.

The hardest part of the build was fabricating the recessed firewall. So far I have completed everything myself.

After building a paint booth in the garage the topcoats were painted by Fuzzy in May 2012. It is House of Kolor silver with a prism effect added. When the 57 is in the sun it reflects the colors of a rainbow. When the clouds come out it's just silver.
Now it's time to go cruising.

Project II was started summer of 2015. A four door hardtop 57 Bel Air.
It came completely dissembled and in boxes.
The previous owner died unexpectedly and I have it on the rotisserie.
Installed a LS 5.3 and 4l60E. Finally the body is back on 8/2018
So another five year project begins.
So the second 57 is done with original interior design and turquoise and white top painted by Fuzzy.
My wife love it and she tries to drive it every day.
We enjoy both cruising at the same time.

So I think I can build one more.
Just purchased a 1995 C4 front and rear suspension and will start another two door hardtop.

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cool picture, it reminds me of my 55 I am statrting over again and your story is similar to mine.

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You mentioned a switch sold by AAW that allows you the option of running with headlights and front parking lights...sold by AAW; can you provide any more information on the switch?