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Belair Hdtp
This is my first car from 1975, these pictures were taken while the car was going through the second re-build starting in June of 2005.
I was not intending to do a frame off, but you all know how it goes! one thing leading to another and all of a sudden.......... Glad i did it now.
Completed the project in 2007 and having fun.
The car started out with an original engine and after the re-build it developed a water leak into the oil from a cylinder wall. (Not good) so it now has a 350 and an original 2 speed PG. 95% of all the stainless is original and most of the metal is original 57 also.
Power disk brakes,drop spindals and power steering/Tilt wheel were added. I have tried to keep the car as origial looking as I can, and worked hard to make it look like it poped right out of the early 60's, like maybe a high schooler's car of that era.
The int. is all factory looking minus the tilt. Baby moons on chrome wheels and thin white walls completed the look on the car.
My wife and I enjoy going to car events and meeting new people, and just having fun!

Gary S.



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Very nice Gary! A very easy to live with color.... Later, Dave