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210 2dr sedan
does anyone know the proper way to hinge a tilt front end,so it doesnt hit the doors when you go to tilt it?sorry folks I forgot my manners,hello to everyone!Im glad i found this site.I have A 55 chevy,That was given to me about 22 yrs ago. it hase been a struggle for me to find good parts and good advise on how a few things are supposed to be and look on this car.The car was totaly disassembled when I got It.Thru lots of time @ effort,not to mention many many dollars, I finaly had it painted last month.It looks Awesome! As with anything else, I can find a lot of folks that say they can do work on the car but when it comes down to it they really dont know what their doing. I have taken on the task of reassembing the car myself. I am 61 yrs and an ex truck driver,but I also have the books,and enough common sense to know,you cant put a square peg in a round hole. anyone that has knowlege of how to do this let me know please


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