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Bel Air
This is the fifth tri-five (4th '55) I've owned over the yers. I plan to keep this one. I've had it since the late '80's. When I bought it, it was gutted, had a cheap paint job on it and some amateur repairs to cover up the rusty floors, rockers, tail pan, trunk floor, and probably some places I haven't found yet. I've had a blast working on it and driving it (No show cars for me!). It has a 350, 700R4, and a narrowed 12 bolt. We drive it every chance we get. We took it on vacation (the last time we actually got to take a vacation) and drove it about 1700 miles. We took it to St. Louis, Mo. and Branson and all over Arkansas without a minutes trouble. I hope I can afford to get it painted someday, but if not, we'll just keep on driving it......primered spots and all!



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