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BelAir 4D HT
This is my barn find Chevy from Richmond Virginia. I bought it last spring and had it shipped to Finland, where I live. Got my hands on it finally in July.
It's been off the road since '73, engine's stuck, interior is in pretty rough shape, it has enough rust etc. But hey, the body is straight and it's all original. It has had no modifications done, ever.
It has had only one registered owner. By documents I have, he was a captain in the military. And by "documents" I mean all the stuff I found in the glove compartment and underneath the front seat :) That includes: inspection documents 1957-->1973, registration papers, Singer Corp. newsletter to shareholders '68, flashlight, leather gloves, "Keep America clean" vinyl thrash bag and ½ bottle of Canadian Whisky :D
It's a V8 model with very few options. I believe the bumber guards, radio&antenna and back seat speaker to be the only ones.
I bought it in belief it had PG as transmission but when I got it I discovered a clutch pedal. And when I crawled under the car I discovered there was no transmission at all. But no worries. I'll figure out something.
I went the through the body with steel wool, rubbing compound and wax and I plan to keep it that way. I like the way it looks but I know some enthusiasts will propably want to hang me from doing this :)
I also recently purchased a very cheap 350+TH350 package from a '69 Cutlass. I'm hoping to fit that in somehow but I've already discovered that it might not be the easiest (and smartest) task.


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You got your work cut out for you! Keep us up to date as you progress.