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General Information

Here's my current project. It was someones "I give up" project. It is pretty thrashed but has a 350 crate (not new), headers, 700R4,dropped spindles, 605, Camaro 4 wheel discs and rear axle, Flaming River tilt wheel, digital dash, fuel cell but a lot of metal and suspension work was butchered and I'll have to redo much of what was done. Fortunately not much rust.

I've replaced the trunk floor, the fuel cell for a new stock tank, the left rear quarter and am half way through the right quarter. Also took out the Camaro rear end (2" too wide) and put in a Chevelle 12 bolt.

Body will be mostly stock but dropped.

My last car is this '56 which was a feature and cover car. Took four years to complete. Did all the work myself except the chrome plating in my home garage. I have a very supportive wife.

I sold this before moving to Montana for $30K.