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Showcase cover image for Chuck Kinsey's 1957 Chevrolet BelAir Sport Sedan

General Information

Chevrolet BelAir
Sport Sedan
This is " Baby ". So named by my daughter at 15 yrs of age in 1985.

It is a BelAir Sport Sedan ( 4 Dr Hardtop ).
283 Power Pack
Factory Air Conditioning
Electric W/S Wiper
Power Steering

It is kept up in the original styling with correct aftermarket parts and supplies when available.
I bought the car in 1985 so that our daughter would have a car to drive to school once she had her license. The engine has been rebuilt and bored .030 over and the powerglide overhauled. The body had been mistreated before we got it but you really have to look for the repairs.
It is used for functions with our car club and the occasional run just to keep it active. Maybe one day I will win a lottery and can have it completely rebuilt. Ha.
Chuck Kinsey



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Just bought a 57 4 dr hardtop in Plano, lovin it. Haven't named her yet, my son who is 4 is really getting into this car, so may let him name her. Still trying to get pix, hope to post them this weekend.

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I need to correct that last post. My son is 41 not 4 (he has 4 yr old)