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My first endevor into a tri-five buildup. I've always wanted to have one but for one reson or another, I never got one. When this one came along, I jumped at the opportunity. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

I was looking through some old photos & ran across the picture of one of my fathers cars. It had a built 327 with a nasty cam and a 4 speed trans. I can still remember riding in that black and white '56 when I was little. I was in heaven when he'd take me for a ride & wind it out through all four gears. Good memories! I can also remember a copper color '57 hardtop he had. It was a low milage car in really nice shape. Unfortunately, no pictures of that one. I also found a picture of his blue '57. If I recall, he aquired a built 427 from a wrecked Vette & stuffed it in there. The car was a bit rough around the edges but it really moved!

And last, a couple shots of my two other "toys" at present. A run of the mill '88 Vete (350TPI / 4spd) and my 1968 Vette. The '68 was a 427/390hp, 4spd. originally; but a past owner put in the 327 it has now. Someday I'll give it the frame up it deserves & put a big block back in. But for now, I'm having too much fun driving it!



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