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210 4-door
I bought this in Valencia (Spain). It was a bit of a mess with a trunk full of bits and no bumpers but the 350 was running and it sort of had a brake pedal. So we drove it home (700kms across Spain). We only got stopped once by the police (don't know how i got out of that one with American plates on the car and the state it was in!) and only broke down once, shorting out the generator and melting all the wiring in the engine bay. After removing the damaged wires and swapping the battery with our other car we made it home.
Now she is getting some TLC in a few areas before hitting the road again.
just love the 4-doors shape!!!
Well one thing led to another and now i realise i'm in a little trouble as i can't touch anything on the car without painting polishing or replacing,haha.
It's got a 4 bolt 350, HEI ignition and a Lunatti cam, summit manifold, edelbrock carb and ceramic coated headers. I put in a crossflow rad with stainless rad hoses and twin '11 electric fans.
I rebuilt the front suspension and painted the chassis gloss black.
Replaced and hid all the engine bay wiring and put the battery in the boot. Welded up about a million holes in the firewall and inner guards and smoothed them out. I was originally going to paint the car black but then decided on a colour i saw and liked off a toyota yaris 'blazing blue' metallic. I'm going to paint the roof a silvery grey metallic (another toyota colour) and remove the belair inserts and paint it the same grey.
Future plans after i get it back on the road are a 700 trans, and do something with the diff, maybe a spool as i love frying the treads!! and maybe airbags, nothing sweeter than a '57 in the weeds! I could go on forever and say an 8.71 blower with twin carbs aswell but i think that will be a just a little further away :)
thanks for looking