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General Information

Canadian Pontiac
2 door sedan
It's really a Chevy! Back then GM Canada used the Chevrolet chassis and running gear for the Canadian Pontiac. Wheelbase is 115" (a 'real' Pontiac is 122"), if you compare the profile of my car to a Chevrolet you will see they are identical. All Chevrolet parts fit (except body panels like hood, fenders, bumper and interior parts like dashboard, gauges, etc.). I installed power front disc brakes on dropped spindles using a 55-57 Chevrolet kit, and replaced all front suspension bushings, tie rods, springs. shocks, etc., with new readily-available Chevrolet parts.

It came from the factory with ... a Chevrolet straight six, along with the original 3-speed stick shift (converted to floor shift). Not what you'd expect in a "Pontiac"!

I ran it for a little while with the 6, then yanked it out to make room for my 496 big block. The original 3-speed has been replaced with an HD all-synchro tranny, and the rear will be rebuilt with 4.11 Posi. The interior has all been redone, and big 'n' little BFG T/A's are mounted on Ansen Sprint mags.

I am planning on leaving it in black primer just like we used to do it "back in the day" when hot rod and custom parts came first and paint came last.

It's a Tri-Five with a different skin :)

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