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Shorty wagon
Attached is what it looked like in 1974, already short when I bought it, and what it is today. It was the first car I owned @ 16, I paid $600 for it. I drove it for 2 years and put it in a shed in 1976. I kind of forgot about until in 2003, the shed was sold. I was told to move the car. It started to be a quick low dollar resto (is what I told the wife, I’m sure you have done that before) but as I tore it down I found out how unsafe it was and tons of bondo. I ended up with only the frame left in my garage after the tear down, the rest was send to a body shop for help, the shop went out of business, I got it back 4 years ago body only 2/3 done. So I tackled it myself with some guidance from body shop friends and upholstery buddy’s. Work on it on and off until I just finished up a few week ago. As you can tell from the interior I am a Cowboys fan. I kept the original bill of sales and picture along the reso process when I go to some local shows.