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BelAir 4 Door sedan
I bought this old 55 in the high desert of Oregon the summer of 2013. It is bone stock with the 265 and very faded paint. This car has no dents or rust. The interior is good. There are no parts even the small ones that are missing. My plan is to go after the mechanical issues then drive and enjoy it.
So Far I have:

Converted to duel exhaust. The original cross under pipe was a pain for me to mess with the more I tried the worse it leaked.

Rebuilt the power glide.

Replaced the gas tank and sending unit.

Put new shocks on.

Rebuilt the carburetor. Small Rochester.

Made a dozen or so lights work that didn't.

Rewired the ignition. It was previously wired by a wild man.

Polished up the old funky patina and then learned to love it.

Cleaned up the engine compartment so I could hang out in there.

I installed Power Disc Front Brakes. (With a lot of questions answered from my friends on TriFive)

Did a PCV conversion with locally purchased parts.

Installed Pertronics flamethrower distributor and coil.

LED Tail Lights and Front running lights.

Upgrade headlamps.

Update: January 2019, After oil circulation problems my machinist tells me that my 265 engine is several thousand dollars away from carefree cruising again. After staring sadly in the deep dark empty crevice in my wallet, I have purchased a short block 350 and have it on the stand in my shop. If this is what it takes to hit the road in Belle again, I guess I am up for it.



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