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Belair 2 door hardtop
This is my third Belair.
My first was a car wasn't much to speak of and so I decided to do a groundup restoration. Unfortunatley after two years and a unscrupulous bodyman I had to sell it in boxes and a completely restored rolling chasis.
My Second Belair was a dream. I found it in Ohio and it was owned by an old man who knew what he had when he purchased it in 1963. It was an unrestored survivor highly optioned and way to nice to drive. I have kids and in the last year I put maybe ten miles on it. I sold to a gentleman in California who sold it back to me at a lesser price because he felt to guilty to drive. It eventually was sold to a collector in Wisconsin who planned on what he called, " sticking it in the barn with the others."
My third Belair, although not as nice as my last one has been a bit more fun. It is a California constructed car and has a lot of potential while being able to cart us around...



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