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210 4 dr sedan
At New Years I got lucky and stole this 55 for a super price. I've installed the power disc brake kit with mew front springs, control arm bushings, balljoints,and all new brake lines. Swapped out some of the pieces from the 56 and found a few other pieces needed to run it on the road. I replaced the windshield wiper system too. I put some new tires on and the trim rings after repainting the wheels. Replaced the 3 speed with an M-20 Muncie, had the original seats recovered with black vynil rolled and pleated with a red bowtie on the backs. I'll keep picking at it over the winter as time and money allow. I went to a cruise instead of a show as it is a driver and I got a trophy at the cruise. Been overhauling my 283 this winter of 08.