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Well we have a 1957 Chevrolet Two-Ten. My dad and I restored it back in '93 originally. He bought it from a co-worker for $125. It had been sitting under a tree after a fender bender for 17 years. Completely rotted interior, rusted and damaged. Heck of a deal. 283 ci. Rochester 4 barrel, solid lifters, and a mild Street cam. Well we took her home, changed the oil and check the usuals, then fired her right up. Of course dad went through and did some more checking and fixing. It was his daily driver. In '00 he passed away and I picked up the car. In '02, someone cut me off and I slammed on the brakes. TH350 side mounts snapped and the post motor mounts did all they could to swivel the fan through the radiator. Well life and life got in the way and she's been sitting (again) ever since.
Well now, life has worked a little better and I've dug her out of the garage and uncovered her. Time to get to work. Now the fun begins. I never learned much from my dad about engines. I learned on Hondas, so computer cars don't bother me. Funny thing is the simplicity of a mechanical car scares the crap out of me. Lucky for me I married a wonderful women who at the tender age of 16 built a 450 hp 302ci '66 Mustang. So she's gonna be my guide and learn me a thing or two, lol.


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