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3200 truck
This project began six months ago.Under all the grime is a 60's 283. I started fixing mechanical problems first so that I can drive around as I go. This truck was found off the beet'n path in S.Carolina were I live. It was rough but it ran. Solid truck with a title reading 40,000 miles. So far I have put in new break pads,brake cylinders, installed new gaskets,noisey timing gears and a Gilmer belt drive. Every thing was hard wired with no fuses. I ripped all wiring out and installed a EZ-Wiring harness with an up to date mini fuse box. My wife helped with interior, new carpet,seat and memory foam pad. Other things done so far are install winde up clock from the 40's in the dash,radio,power antena,door knobs,window knobs ,mirrors,shocks,under coat,grill,halogen lights,window rubbers, bumpers and alot of late night.
I'm glad a site like this exist. I'm learning as I go and do it all my self. It's great to see other projects and chat with people who have seen it and done it and is willing to share info.