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3100 pu short bed
Apache big back window
bought it back in 83 it was my work truck for 5years. first tear down in 88 i put a 1980 Camaro clip under it power coated the frame the doors and the under side of the cab and fire wall new bed wood and stainless strips. hell this could take all night the way i type!!!! it was a frame off resto i finely got to drive it in 1993 and hated the clip . in 2006 started the new frame i wanted irs ifr with 4 wheel disk and i got it with the help of don Mcneal and i put corvette suspension under it out of a1989 two more years and i finely have the ride i all ways wanted it corners like it's on rails stops on 50 cents!! AND I DID IT MY WAY GOT ANY???



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