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Bel Air 2 dr sportscoupe
I bought the 55 twenty years ago from a college student trying to pay tuition. It came mostly in boxes and looked nice on the outside. Little did I know so much of the floor was bad including the braces. So very slowly I took it completely apart and patched it back together. Of course, many years went by raising kids where nothing was done but now most of my kids are gone so I've got time. I hope in 2013 to have it on the road. The shop I finished in 2011. It is a pole shed with window a/c and radiant floor heat. 22 ft X 24 ft, 12 ft ceiling & floor drain.
The 72 Eldorado is new to my "collection" and the 62 Falcon was bought new by my dad. My brother drove it for many years and many miles and then it was parked in a machine shed for many more years. I hope to restore the Falcon back to original.