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Bel Air
"Just a 4-door". More of a cooker than a looker.

We've been through a lot together. My high school buddy's uncle was the 2nd owner, his wife ran it into the back of a pickup in 1968. I picked it up during Christmas break of 1971, found another parts car, rebuilt the original Power Pack 283, put the parts car front clip on and painted to match, drove it for the first time 6 weeks later.

Had a few different engine/transmissions in it over the years, in 1998 I put a '66 396/TH400 and '71 Nova 10-bolt in and started bracket racing it. It's gone from high-15's to low 13's/high 12's at 5800' elevation (low-12's sea level). Converted to E85 in 2006. The 396 spun a bearing in 2010, so new running gear was in order.

Enter a 2003 3500 Express van 6.0 LS/4L80E. Got it running in 2014 with 4" stroker, L92 heads, Erson cam, RevMax 4000 stall converter, Hooker 1-3/4" headers; Currie 9" with 3.89 gears and Detroit locker. Runs low-12's at 5800' Bandimere Speedway shifting at 6000 RPMs; as low as 11.51 at Heartland Park Topeka trying to slow it down shifting at 5300 RPMs. Weighs about 3820 lbs with driver going down the track. 2020 upgraded with Bullet cam and Hedman 1-7/8" hedders.



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Nice set-up. Did you say you were running a 10 bolt in it with that big block? I'm building a 396 powered 55' with a Super T-10 4-speed and I have a Cadilac 10 bolt posi with the disc brake set-up. I wasn't sure if it would hold up to the punnishment of a 500-600 HP big Block punishment. Have you had any problems with the rearend holding up and what if anything did you do to beef-up the rearend to handle the use that you are giving it? Thanks for any info you can provide me. Troy

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We traded PMs on this, bu so others can benefit, I ran a '71 Nova 8.2" 10-bolt open carrier with Power Trax for 9 seasons. The bearing support broke off the carrier finally, when I put in an Auburn posi unit. It's on its 2nd season, and I hate it. Wish I had my Power Trax back.

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Hello I was reading your thread about ls swap on ignition, could you explain how you powered up your harness. My switch has ign. 1 and 2, batt, sol, acc. Terminals. Thanks Brian