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2 dr Post
It may not be the prettiest at the dance, but it will get there first.
The one question I get the most is "When are you going to paint it?".
My response has always been "Will it make it go faster?". I will eventually get around to painting the car but for now it is just TOO much fun spanking a $70,000.00 vette or viper with a primered 55. If I parked the car on its top everyone would think it was the prettiest thing around. The frame is VERY shiny black, the entire floor pan is undercoated, it has chrome 4 link. A shiny drive shaft, Strange billet aluminum carrier, Strange nine inch axle housing, QA1 coil overs, Chassis engineering narrowed frame section. Weld billet FLAME wheels(yes they are directional). Anyway you get the idea.



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It started life as a 350 in 1975 Camaro Z-28. Since I have had it the only thing left from GM is the casting of the block. As for how fast she goes, I stay right with my son on his Honda CBR750 that runs consistent low 10's.