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General Information

2 Door BelAir Hardtop

The AM chassis shipped in April and we started the assembly process. The objective was to completely assemble the chassis to determine unique changes required to adapt custom features to the AM chassis.
After complete assembly, including the unique fuel tank location and custom 3” exhaust, the chassis was completely dissembled and was sent to Outlaw Powder Coating, Fort Worth, TX for a coating of Silver Chrome.

The exhaust, including 3” mufflers were sent to Quality Coating, Carrollton, TX for sandblasting, coating with Ceramic Chrome and polishing.


The engine decision was a simple one; it had to be a naturally aspirated big block Chevrolet. Having read The March issue of Car Craft, featuring a pump gas, mild cam, big torque 496 with 600 HP & 620 LB-FT, the decision was made to build a slightly modified version of this motor.
After completion, the engine was taken to Reher Morrison’s Arlington, TX facility and on 10-22-08, dyno data provided us with positive results.


This decision was simple, as the transmission had to be a five speed Tremec with overdrive. A TKO-600GM 2.87/.64 and Ram Dual Disc Clutch assembly was purchased from Standard Transmission, Fort Worth, TX. Purchased (5-14-08)

Wheels / Tires:

Billet Specialties - SLC- 85 wheels - 17 x 8 x 5.75, with Nitto NT555 - 245/45-ZR Tires

Billet Specialties - SLC- 85 wheels - 18 x 10 x 5.75, with Nitto NT555 - 295/45-ZR Tires. Purchased - 8-18-08- Newstalgia Wheels



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Great looking paint. Is it a two tone candy red with a darker candy maroon?