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Chevy Nomad
I purchased the Nomad from my friend Bob “Tuch” in ’97. Tuch did his magic straightening and then painting the Nomad’s virgin body in his shop. The body was off the frame even though this was only a 10K car. You will say how can this be – it was Southern California hot rod in it’s hey day. Not only that but this car was in stowage and all disassembled for over 30 years.

This Nomad took 3 ½ years to restore and during that time I had parts all over the place. All the original sheet metal was perfect as far as absence of rust. But Tuch is a perfectionist and this car had to be perfectly straight even though it never was that way from the factory. Simultaneously I restored the chassis, built the engine and rest of the car in my garage.

Modifications include the big block, 4 speed Muncie with Hurst shifter, posi 3.70 Corvette rear end, disc brakes, power rack and pinion steering, a modern 160 amp alternator with modern wiring and a hidden cd player. Aluminum dominates under the hood as GM heads, Weind intake, radiator, expansion tank, bell housing and waterpump. The big block is sitting in the stock small block position which required Tuch to modify the firewall to clear the aluminum cylinder heads and ceramic coated four tube long headers. Tuch and the sludge hammer obtained the “factory look” just as if it was never modified.

I modified the original windshield wiper motor and it is now under the dash. Additional gauges keep everything in check. Under car stainless steel exhaust, brake, and fuel lines are all home made. All fasteners, clamps and hardware on the entire car is stainless steel. I hate rust.

My interior is pearl white and matches the tri color pearl white on the top. Body tri color metallic is Biscayne blue, a custom color. Both colors are a solid color followed by metallic and clear mix. On the top pearl is added to the white to complement the blue body.

My rear floor behind the back seat is all oak hardwood and stainless steel strips. The spare tire well is converted into a beer cooler with a stainless steel hinged matching oak lid flush with the rest of the floor.



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